Since our beginnings, Sílvia Marí, founder and director of the firm, has poured all her knowledge of fine arts, painting, sculpture, printing, art history, sociology, fashion design and pattern making into the collections of the Atelier de Haute Couture.

Daughter of a great haute couture dressmaker from Barcelona, she fuses all her artistic and social knowledge with fashion, thus arriving to transmit in each of her creations an unparalleled personal stamp.

She began her professional career as a designer of important brands of Prêt-à-porter, furs and children’s clothing to dominate all fields of the fashion world.

In 1991 she opened the doors of his Atelier de Haute Couture in Barcelona, where until now she has turned all his professionalism and creativity.

Over the years with perseverance, creativity and instinct to meet the needs of its clients, Sílvia Marí has turned the Atelier into one of the leading brands of haute couture in Barcelona, where the traditional values of the beginnings are still maintained .

The creative philosophy, dedicated to the improvement of femininity and the natural beauty of each woman is expressed through the refined and glamorous style. The illusion of each new design is wrapped in his passion for beauty and quality.


Where have the Parisian Ateliers of all their lives gone that our mothers and grandmothers used to go?
Today we live in a digital world where the direct and personalized deal with the client seems to be the exception to the norm. The Ateliers of Haute Couture have been left behind, where a professional of the sewing personally advised the client throughout the entire creative process.
It is increasingly common for the designer to intervene only in the first and / or last stage of the creative process. Why? As if being a Modist was a “old fashioned” profession compared to that of Designer …
I honestly do not understand … The truly exciting part of our profession as dressmakers-designers is to participate in each stage of the creative process: from the creation of design as fashion designers to the elaboration of the dress as dressmakers enjoying every detail, decision and emotion with the client.
Atelier is a French word and means workshop. It is mainly applied to artists’ studios and sewing workshops. In short, to sites where a meticulous work is carried out whose result is unique and personalized “.
I am proud to be a small Atelier in the Haute Couture world, otherwise I could not enjoy what I admire most in my profession: advise and personally treat my clients from start to finish in all stages of the creative process to be able to achieve excellence in the quality of designed dresses.


…When your daughter tells you, after many years of efforts, studies and careers focused in another direction, that her life is creation and art, and that her dream is to learn and share with you your profession and passion for her as a third generation of the signature; Sincerely, it is one of the happiest and most satisfying things that could have happened to me. After many years between seams with my mother, to move forward a business that I have dedicated and dedicate a large part of my life, share my profession with what really gives meaning to her: my children, is the best gift that as a mother and designer I can get. I am happy to be able to enjoy each day of my two great passions: FASHION and my FAMILY.


Third generation devoted to the design of haute couture in Barcelona. She began her career without knowing it, since she was a little girl with her mother and grandmother surrounded by fabrics and beautiful creations. Since she was very young, she had a vocation for fashion design and currently develops it professionally with her studies in Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Dressmaking and Haute Couture.

Today, together with his mother, he puts all his creativity into the design of modern haute couture pieces. Bringing the firm the fresh air of the new generations.

Keeping true to the design and quality values of the firm, Júlia Mayola Marí has managed to capture the attention of a young audience that likes exclusivity.

WHAT HAS GIVEN SENSE TO MY LIFE: dedicate myself at my passions

Many times people try to live their life upside down: try to have more things, or more money, to be able to do more what they like to be happier. But the truth is that it works the other way around. First you have to be who you really are, and then do what you need to be able to have what you want.

My advice: Take a small step towards a dream, and watch how the doors open. We like to pretend that it is difficult to get the dream of our life. But the truth is that it is difficult not to enter through some of the many doors that will open. Put your dream aside and it will come back for you. Whatever you think you can do or what you think you can do, start. The action has magic, grace and power itself.

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